Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vargas Llosa and Latin American Politics

The anthology of essays on mario Vargas Llosa I co-edited with my Lang colleague Juan E. De Castro is now available for pre-order on Amazon. While the price os pretty much prohibitive except for libraries, if you are interested not just in Vargas Llosa's work since 1980 but in a case study in how a single career interacts with ideas of neoliberalism, anti-Communism, and postmodernism--and in how we see literature and politics differently in an age dominated by the Right--the book might well be for you. The contributors are all first-rate and interesting, from a great variety of contexts and viewpoints--Juan and I really enjoyed assembling the essays and framing them with our own commentary and we also contributed one essay each ourselves!


Eric Rosenfield said...

Yeah, sounds fascinating but I'm priced out. Will there be a $10 Kindle edition?

Nicholas Birns said...

Eric, alas no, but my much cheaper THEORY book coming out soon....thanks for your interest