Saturday, June 4, 2011

Millicent Dillon, In The Atomic City

Millicent Dillon came to fiction and literary writing only in midlife, yet in a series of books, fiction, nonfiction, and in-between, she has addressed more than any writer of our age  the overt ideologies of our time, the latent demands they make on our selves and our senses of agencies, and the art that can function as both resistance to these ideologies an, alas,  confirmation of their hold. Her current work is a memoir of her years as a junior physicist in the 1940s, which is both an essay in memory and the resistant pastness of the past, and an examinationof the forces of destruction that still, in different shapes, threaten us today. The Believer has published this excerpt of Dillon's work and I would recommend it for readers of this blog not only for its quality and insight but for the way it traces certain issues which  are also evident preoccupations of my own.

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